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bbc_bigrams bbc_trigrams theguardian_bigrams theguardian_trigrams
0 (six, nation) (six, nation, 2022) (fa, cup) (fa, cup, quarterfinal)
1 (ukraine, war) (v, west, ham) (po, ferry) (cup, quarterfinal, preview)
2 (world, cup) (champion, league, draw) (six, nation) (sydney, harbour, bridge)
3 (team, news) (bahrain, grand, prix) (world, cup) (russiaukraine, war, know)
4 (fa, cup) (thought, champion, league) (legacy, lockdown) (war, know, day)
5 (po, ferry) (world, athletics, indoor) (boris, johnson) (paris, 13th, district)
6 (nation, 2022) (wolf, 23, leeds) (ukraine, war) (chelsea, fa, cup)
7 (champion, league) (athletics, indoor, championship) (war, ukraine) (south, australia, election)
8 (aston, villa) (leicester, v, brentford) (manchester, city) (2513, england, six)
9 (live, watch) (villa, 01, arsenal) (russiaukraine, war) (woman, fa, cup)
10 (west, ham) (aston, villa, 01) (cup, quarterfinal) (second, test, day)
11 (rusia, ucrania) (woman, world, cup) (quarterfinal, preview) (young, country, diary)
12 (league, draw) (cricket, world, cup) (harbour, bridge) (liverpool, fa, cup)
13 (score, commentary) (guerra, na, ucrania) (sydney, harbour) (v, england, second)
14 (v, west) (coronavirus, case, rate) (cup, happened) (indie, v, england)
15 (world, athletics) (score, commentary, update) (west, indie) (six, nation, 2022)
16 (v, england) (palace, v, everton) (know, day) (west, indie, v)
17 (ufc, london) (rat, u, ukrajini) (champion, league) (england, six, nation)
18 (lawros, prediction) (tottenham, v, west) (second, test) (france, 2513, england)
19 (u200c, u200c) (six, nation, live) (west, ham) (election, labor, win)
20 (grand, prix) (africa, live, week) (cheltenham, festival) (forest, v, liverpool)
21 (indoor, championship) (crystal, palace, v) (chelsea, fa) (nation, 2022, happened)
22 (de, la) (abubuwan, da, ke) (war, know) (v, liverpool, fa)
23 (war, ukraine) (woman, fa, cup) (paris, 13th) (australia, election, labor)
24 (score, update) (city, culture, 2025) (aston, villa) (v, manchester, city)
25 (real, madrid) (under20, six, nation) (south, australia) (russian, cosmonaut, board)
26 (v, brentford) (villa, v, arsenal) (pep, guardiola) (colour, ukraine, flag)
27 (man, city) (nation, live, watch) (13th, district) (hong, kong, covid)
28 (bahrain, grand) (aston, villa, v) (australia, election) (cosmonaut, board, i)
29 (city, culture) (uk, city, culture) (rishi, sunak) (england, second, test)
30 (crystal, palace) (six, nation, wale) (gold, cup) (russian, missile, hit)
31 (thought, champion) (world, cup, england) (rachael, blackmore) (ukraine, zelenskiy, call)
32 (scottish, premiership) (united, rugby, championship) (match, preview) (po, ferry, sacking)
33 (villa, 01) (middlesbrough, v, chelsea) (v, england) (13th, district, review)
34 (por, que) (championship, live, watch) (sacking, staff) (woman, world, cup)
35 (cricket, world) (forest, v, liverpool) (woman, world) (wearing, colour, ukraine)
36 (championship, live) (team, news, key) (england, second) (premier, league, happened)
37 (new, zealand) (west, indie, v) (grand, slam) (i, wearing, colour)
38 (01, arsenal) (nation, 2022, wale) (show, destroyed) (board, i, wearing)
39 (athletics, indoor) (premiership, rugby, cup) (shopping, centre) (world, cup, happened)
40 (ukrainian, refugee) (france, v, england) (ukraine, video) (harbour, bridge, opening)
41 (west, indie) (nottingham, forest, v) (daylight, saving) (partygate, scandal, fluff)
42 (woman, world) (ireland, v, scotland) (kimberley, kitching) (sale, news, happened)
43 (wolf, 23) (preview, team, news) (star, trek) (news, happened, jacob)
44 (leicester, v) (news, key, stats) (bridge, opening) (happened, jacob, reesmogg)
45 (na, ucrania) (neymar, messi, nunez) (hong, kong) (jacob, reesmogg, say)
46 (23, leeds) (pogba, rudiger, jesus) (test, day) (ukraine, war, show)
47 (abubuwan, da) (rudiger, jesus, azpilicueta) (russian, cosmonaut) (reesmogg, say, ukraine)
48 (coronavirus, case) (southampton, v, man) (ukraine, zelenskiy) (say, ukraine, war)
49 (u, ukrajini) (v, man, city) (zelenskiy, call) (war, show, partygate)
50 (guerra, na) (po, ferry, sacking) (peace, talk) (show, partygate, scandal)
51 (v, liverpool) (indie, v, england) (cosmonaut, board) (draw, chelsea, sale)
52 (en, la) (jamian, tsaron, najeriya) (indie, v) (chelsea, sale, news)
53 (super, league) (para, acabar, com) (view, po) (plus, tard, fighting)
54 (rat, u) (v, england, live) (review, compelling) (league, draw, chelsea)
55 (cup, live) (confirmed, team, news) (tv, tonight) (europa, league, draw)
56 (palace, v) (england, live, second) (adwoa, aboah) (league, europa, league)
57 (v, everton) (red, nose, day) (europa, league) (champion, league, europa)
58 (northern, ireland) (wale, v, italy) (russian, oligarch) (reach, central, mariupol)
59 (tottenham, v) (azpilicueta, neymar, messi) (consequence, china) (evacuate, ottawa, truck)
60 (commentary, update) (jesus, azpilicueta, neymar) (across, australia) (fighting, reach, central)
61 (tom, aspinall) (fa, cup, semifinal) (i, wearing) (zealander, covid, hit)
62 (nation, live) (silva, tuchel, tielemans) (covid, crisis) (new, zealander, covid)
63 (case, rate) (haaland, silva, tuchel) (ukrainian, refugee) (united, new, zealander)
64 (plus, score) (indoor, athletics, championship) (hinders, rescue) (ardern, united, new)
65 (live, week) (tuchel, tielemans, messi) (covid, case) (jacinda, ardern, united)
66 (africa, live) (tielemans, messi, tchouameni) (new, zealand) (fluff, happened, gay)
67 (que, e) (world, indoor, athletics) (district, review) (scandal, fluff, happened)
68 (woman, fa) (sheikh, ibrahim, zakzaky) (ban, rt) (rescue, attempt, woman)
69 (bianca, ojukwu) (second, test, day) (ukraine, refugee) (happened, gay, right)
70 (nation, wale) (live, second, test) (south, australian) (gay, right, activist)
71 (forest, v) (win, 60m, title) (complete, guide) (wembley, fifth, round)
72 (southampton, v) (ke, jawo, mutuwar) (plus, tard) (road, wembley, fifth)
73 (world, indoor) (jawo, mutuwar, aure) (bahrain, gp) (essay, road, wembley)
74 (da, ke) (wale, wettest, town) (footage, show) (photo, essay, road)
75 (april, 2022) (mutuwar, aure, da) (board, i) (cup, photo, essay)
76 (united, rugby) (da, yadda, za) (across, uk) (fa, cup, photo)
77 (nottingham, forest) (ukraine, russie, le) (wearing, colour) (attempt, woman, fa)
78 (uk, city) (yadda, za, magance) (aboriginal, people) (mixed, bathing, jacinda)
79 (indian, well) (za, magance, su) (guardian, view) (hinders, rescue, attempt)
80 (sheikh, ibrahim) (denied, nineman, larne) (2022, happened) (shelling, hinders, rescue)
81 (willie, obiano) (guerre, ukraine, russie) (country, diary) (mariupol, shelling, hinders)
82 (rugby, championship) (marcell, jacob, win) (home, ukraine) (central, mariupol, shelling)
83 (elaine, morgan) (polish, opera, house) (2513, england) (round, manchester, united)
84 (march, 2022) (shelter, polish, opera) (france, 2513) (arteta, fixture, complaint)
85 (el, clasico) (british, sign, language) (real, madrid) (fixture, complaint, champion)
86 (culture, 2025) (ciidamada, ruushka, oo) (forest, v) (complaint, champion, league)
87 (samia, suluhu) (home, ukrainian, refugee) (v, liverpool) (he, terrific, wales)
88 (boris, johnson) (played, scottish, cup) (observer, view) (war, he, terrific)
89 (v, chelsea) (carrick, denied, nineman) (liverpool, fa) (ukraine, war, he)
90 (villa, v) (da, ke, jawo) (v, manchester) (victim, ukraine, war)
91 (england, live) (athletics, championship, live) (crime, thriller) (known, victim, ukraine)
92 (la, guerra) (war, zelensky, tell) (fleeing, ukraine) (latest, known, victim)
93 (national, league) (world, cup, australia) (killer, sudoku) (among, latest, known)
94 (irish, premiership) (watch, wale, v) (win, world) (activist, among, latest)
95 (middlesbrough, v) (week, hamstring, injury) (woman, fa) (right, activist, among)
96 (football, league) (news, stats, selector) (ukraine, flag) (bathing, jacinda, ardern)
97 (under20, six) (team, news, stats) (election, labor) (state, abuse, finally)
98 (cheltenham, festival) (six, nation, ireland) (mass, sacking) (nude, mixed, bathing)
99 (cup, england) (wale, 2122, italy) (erling, haaland) (tradition, nude, mixed)
100 (v, arsenal) (2122, italy, visitor) (next, pandemic) (blackmore, celebrates, historic)
101 (city, v) (everton, v, newcastle) (premier, league) (rachael, blackmore, celebrates)
102 (alexander, volkov) (cheltenham, gold, cup) (labor, win) (cartoon, rachael, blackmore)
103 (st, helen) (7, formas, de) (queensland, flood) (night, cartoon, rachael)
104 (found, dead) (stark, arena, belgrade) (morrison, government) (friday, night, cartoon)
105 (ipswich, town) (live, watch, andrew) (kong, covid) (theme, friday, night)
106 (murder, arrest) (gold, cup, win) (league, quarterfinal) (three, theme, friday)
107 (premiership, rugby) (utilita, arena, birmingham) (nation, 2022) (rowson, three, theme)
108 (europa, league) (badminton, championship, live) (restaurant, review) (martin, rowson, three)
109 (rugby, cup) (open, badminton, championship) (state, tv) (happened, martin, rowson)
110 (cup, semifinal) (england, open, badminton) (league, happened) (cup, happened, martin)
111 (wale, v) (ireland, beat, scotland) (england, six) (gold, cup, happened)
112 (comic, relief) (live, watch, wale) (ferry, sacking) (win, gold, cup)
113 (de, putin) (perang, di, ukraina) (young, country) (blackmore, win, gold)
114 (red, nose) (jacob, win, 60m) (gas, price) (rachael, blackmore, win)
115 (nose, day) (nose, day, raise) (missile, hit) (tard, rachael, blackmore)
116 (host, win) (00, birmingham, city) (lewis, hamilton) (plus, tard, rachael)
117 (grand, slam) (high, jump, gold) (fox, news) (festival, plus, tard)
118 (v, italy) (lamont, marcell, jacob) (russian, missile) (cheltenham, festival, plus)
119 (cup, final) (england, west, indie) (colour, ukraine) (million, cheltenham, festival)
120 (france, v) (relief, red, nose) (po, betrayal) (5, million, cheltenham)
121 (high, jump) (tetesi, za, soka) (tradition, nude) (team, 5, million)
122 (roman, abramovich) (rusia, ucrania, que) (kiss, restored) (split, team, 5)
123 (oluwo, iwo) (italy, plus, score) (report, guardian) (lockdown, split, team)
124 (st, johnstone) (france, beat, england) (backlash, report) (tard, fighting, reach)
125 (v, scotland) (artetas, fixture, complaint) (instagram, tiktok) (celebrates, historic, gold)
126 (acabar, com) (za, soka, ulaya) (prequel, backlash) (historic, gold, cup)
127 (test, day) (government, review, contract) (toy, story) (gold, cup, win)
128 (elite, league) (yaroslava, mahuchikh, win) (restored, toy) (push, elect, female)
129 (sexual, assault) (comic, relief, red) (story, prequel) (japan, tradition, nude)
130 (charged, murder) (fa, cup, live) (samesex, kiss) (end, japan, tradition)
131 (league, live) (cup, live, watch) (weed, samesex) (spell, end, japan)
132 (wolf, v) (prix, lewis, hamilton) (humble, weed) (could, spell, end)
133 (russia, ukraine) (grand, prix, lewis) (live, humble) (covid, hit, long)
134 (v, man) (antonio, conte, tottenham) (long, live) (crocodile, could, spell)
135 (da, li) (zealand, v, england) (obituary, long) (menonly, parliament, crocodile)
136 (win, 60m) (la, nina, que) (larder, obituary) (pngs, menonly, parliament)
137 (ki, lo) (nina, que, dejo) (david, larder) (mp, pngs, menonly)
138 (rusija, ukrajina) (v, italy, plus) (worker, capitalism) (female, mp, pngs)
139 (premier, league) (afro, durante, 6) (stopped, traffic) (elect, female, mp)
140 (confirmed, team) (40, coventry, united) (betrayal, worker) (stunt, push, elect)
141 (triple, crown) (coventry, united, gunner) (opened, decade) (cup, win, plus)
142 (key, stats) (ya, dunia, tv) (capitalism, unacceptable) (publicity, stunt, push)
143 (que, se) (dira, ya, dunia) (say, rishi) (heard, publicity, stunt)
144 (preview, team) (ya, dira, ya) (unlawful, dp) (finally, heard, publicity)
145 (para, acabar) (matangazo, ya, dira) (maori, survivor) (abuse, finally, heard)
146 (russia, today) (ano, para, donarlo) (enchanting, story) (manchester, united, v)
147 (nineman, larne) (6, ano, para) (hell, opened) (survivor, state, abuse)
148 (rachael, blackmore) (durante, 6, ano) (parliament, crocodile) (parliament, crocodile, could)
149 (ciidamada, ruushka) (pelo, afro, durante) (gate, hell) (hit, long, second)
150 (tsaron, najeriya) (mikel, artetas, fixture) (statement, gate) (long, second, lockdown)
151 (ko, si) (su, pelo, afro) (spring, statement) (second, lockdown, split)
152 (messi, nunez) (crecer, su, pelo) (sunak, spring) (win, plus, tard)
153 (katarina, johnsonthompson) (dejo, crecer, su) (tax, say) (fifth, round, manchester)
154 (finn, russell) (que, dejo, crecer) (unacceptable, face) (traffic, david, larder)
155 (derby, county) (super, league, live) (cut, tax) (hit, arteta, fixture)
156 (en, el) (aure, da, yadda) (priority, cut) (po, owner, strengthen)
157 (league, semi) (putin, para, acabar) (decade, maori) (government, cosy, po)
158 (lewis, hamilton) (da, sauran, sassan) (sacking, unlawful) (ownership, government, cosy)
159 (second, test) (russia, today, amol) (fine, sacking) (grain, export, may)
160 (gold, cup) (today, amol, rajan) (unlimited, fine) (story, instead, ukrainian)
161 (sarah, everard) (nation, 2022, ireland) (twitter, instagram) (enchanting, story, instead)
162 (man, jailed) (new, zealand, v) (forget, twitter) (try, enchanting, story)
163 (athletics, championship) (rajan, explains, ofcoms) (face, forget) (access, area, day)
164 (division, two) (match, preview, team) (tiktok, try) (peace, access, area)
165 (county, line) (ukraine, war, zelensky) (refugee, uk) (prayer, peace, access)
166 (ferry, sacking) (sauran, sassan, duniya) (face, unlimited) (benefit, prayer, peace)
167 (stuart, hogg) (kharkiv, rubble, shelling) (manchester, united) (gauging, benefit, prayer)
168 (ireland, v) (vita, vya, ukraine) (still, rampant) (80, gauging, benefit)
169 (isle, wight) (rescued, kharkiv, rubble) (photo, essay) (60, 80, gauging)
170 (indoor, athletics) (man, rescued, kharkiv) (essay, road) (bomb, 60, 80)
171 (live, second) (war, man, rescued) (croissant, recipe) (shadow, bomb, 60)
172 (jesus, azpilicueta) (ukraine, war, man) (road, wembley) (growing, shadow, bomb)
173 (news, key) (najeriya, da, sauran) (wembley, fifth) (britain, growing, shadow)
174 (moscow, rally) (faruwa, najeriya, da) (intolerancefriendly, croissant) (refugee, britain, growing)
175 (messi, tchouameni) (ke, faruwa, najeriya) (fifth, round) (hosting, refugee, britain)
176 (tielemans, messi) (celebrate, annexation, crimea) (round, manchester) (area, day, wheelchair)
177 (tuchel, tielemans) (lady, football, league) (united, v) (past, hosting, refugee)
178 (silva, tuchel) (champion, league, quarterfinal) (rampant, regional) (monday, lesson, past)
179 (haaland, silva) (moscow, rally, celebrate) (city, cant) (britain, monday, lesson)
180 (neymar, messi) (v, england, score) (cant, stop) (unavailable, britain, monday)
181 (azpilicueta, neymar) (de, putin, para) (stop, hugging) (egg, unavailable, britain)
182 (ucrania, que) (alun, wyn, jones) (hugging, nazanin) (cosy, po, owner)
183 (rudiger, jesus) (stuart, hogg, finn) (politics, intolerancefriendly) (owner, strengthen, worker)
184 (manchester, city) (hogg, finn, russell) (australian, politics) (expense, freerange, egg)
185 (jamian, tsaron) (war, daily, roundup) (brutality, australian) (strengthen, worker, right)
186 (ibrahim, zakzaky) (ukraine, war, daily) (routine, brutality) (instead, ukrainian, refugee)
187 (pogba, rudiger) (meet, referee, played) (state, abuse) (controversial, history, po)
188 (2022, wale) (england, score, commentary) (win, gold) (po, ownership, government)
189 (indie, v) (elaine, morgan, statue) (delay, guardian) (gate, hell, opened)
190 (bukayo, saka) (scottish, cup, final) (could, face) (statement, gate, hell)
191 (ebele, obiano) (west, ham, united) (try, enchanting) (spring, statement, gate)
192 (cup, playoff) (referee, played, scottish) (told, could) (sunak, spring, statement)
193 (mzozo, ukraine) (2022, ireland, v) (ferry, told) (rishi, sunak, spring)
194 (perang, ukraina) (allianz, football, league) (oil, po) (say, rishi, sunak)
195 (thousand, gather) (arsenal, 40, coventry) (glossed, oil) (tax, say, rishi)
196 (gather, moscow) (fa, cup, quarterfinal) (execution, glossed) (cut, tax, say)
197 (rally, celebrate) (rusyann, ukraynay, isgali) (saudi, execution) (priority, cut, tax)
198 (annexation, crimea) (cheltenham, festival, 2022) (grownup, saudi) (famine, priority, cut)
199 (v, leeds) (rally, celebrate, annexation) (book, grownup) (global, famine, priority)
200 (dejo, crecer) (world, cup, playoff) (middlemarch, book) (trigger, global, famine)
201 (su, pelo) (gather, moscow, rally) (view, middlemarch) (may, trigger, global)
202 (cold, war) (ebele, obiano, bianca) (story, instead) (history, po, ownership)
203 (agency, worker) (matata, ta, cire) (end, japan) (export, may, trigger)
204 (athletic, 02) (cire, kayan, jikinta) (visa, delay) (ukraine, grain, export)
205 (bbc, pidgin) (ofcoms, licence, decision) (office, visa) (blockade, ukraine, grain)
206 (everton, v) (nation, 2022, highlight) (home, office) (russian, blockade, ukraine)
207 (united, 20) (en, la, guerra) (frustrated, home) (warns, russian, blockade)
208 (ukraine, russia) (willie, obiano, arrested) (relative, frustrated) (un, warns, russian)
209 (najeriya, sun) (obiano, bianca, ojukwu) (uk, relative) (right, un, warns)
210 (v, newcastle) (ya, roman, abramovich) (japan, tradition) (worker, right, un)
211 (cyngor, sir) (wolf, v, leeds) (instead, ukrainian) (freerange, egg, unavailable)
212 (refugee, scheme) (sun, bukaci, matata) (survivor, state) (police, expense, freerange)
213 (z, z) (live, bahrain, grand) (anxiety, panic) (united, v, manchester)
214 (celebrate, annexation) (wale, josh, adam) (abuse, finally) (kiss, restored, toy)
215 (cire, kayan) (nation, wale, josh) (remake, family) (weed, samesex, kiss)
216 (ta, cire) (world, cup, live) (snake, car) (humble, weed, samesex)
217 (matata, ta) (ufc, london, heavyweight) (australia, snake) (live, humble, weed)
218 (bukaci, matata) (london, heavyweight, tom) (nsw, flood) (long, live, humble)
219 (sun, bukaci) (thousand, gather, moscow) (mixed, bathing) (obituary, long, live)
220 (woman, cricket) (heavyweight, tom, aspinall) (coalition, stronger) (larder, obituary, long)
221 (zakzaky, jamian) (bukaci, matata, ta) (labor, defence) (david, larder, obituary)
222 (england, open) (f1, live, bahrain) (worried, medication) (convoy, cost, city)
223 (open, badminton) (najeriya, sun, bukaci) (second, lockdown) (stopped, traffic, david)
224 (badminton, championship) (deadline, six, nation) (attack, worried) (hell, opened, decade)
225 (utilita, arena) (yan, kwallo, makomar) (glimpse, routine) (opened, decade, maori)
226 (arena, birmingham) (da, li, je) (blackmore, win) (decade, maori, survivor)
227 (sheffield, united) (tsaron, najeriya, sun) (pyke, anxiety) (maori, survivor, state)
228 (town, 31) (da, ke, faruwa) (lockdown, split) (conte, hit, arteta)
229 (ucrania, como) (kasuwar, yan, kwallo) (split, team) (unfair, conte, hit)
230 (salford, city) (23, leeds, united) (josh, pyke) (speak, unfair, conte)
231 (afc, wimbledon) (allianz, hurling, league) (90, josh) (daughter, speak, unfair)
232 (bristol, city) (amol, rajan, explains) (turn, 90) (reunion, daughter, speak)
233 (dunia, tv) (explains, ofcoms, licence) (stronger, labor) (zaghariratcliffes, reunion, daughter)
234 (ya, dunia) (arsenal, mikel, arteta) (hanger, turn) (nazanin, zaghariratcliffes, reunion)
235 (dira, ya) (ta, cire, kayan) (sydney, coat) (hugging, nazanin, zaghariratcliffes)
236 (ya, dira) (rusia, ucrania, el) (pngs, menonly) (stop, hugging, nazanin)
237 (matangazo, ya) (zakzaky, jamian, tsaron) (car, dog) (cant, stop, hugging)
238 (russie, le) (woman, cricket, world) (empire, beyond) (city, cant, stop)
239 (formula, 1) (ibrahim, zakzaky, jamian) (year, castle) (manchester, city, cant)
240 (ukraine, russie) (back, iran, jail) (medication, would) (samesex, kiss, restored)
241 (guerre, ukraine) (bull, 5712, scarlet) (long, second) (restored, toy, story)
242 (colaadda, ukraine) (stenhousemuir, wolf, 23) (dutton, cast) (mainly, police, expense)
243 (ko, je) (southbound, j7, man) (peter, dutton) (toy, story, prequel)
244 (ya, ukraine) (estadio, de, moscu) (classic, peter) (c36m, mainly, police)
245 (obiano, arrested) (sekian, yang, penting) (festival, plus) (city, c36m, mainly)
246 (ryan, mcbride) (death, sister, disabled) (australian, classic) (cost, city, c36m)
247 (hogg, finn) (man, death, sister) (became, australian) (truck, convoy, cost)
248 (abu, dhabi) (sister, disabled, leeds) (castle, became) (ottawa, truck, convoy)
249 (town, 03) (disabled, leeds, man) (25, year) (lesson, past, hosting)
250 (league, quarterfinal) (un, estadio, de) (dog, roof) (day, wheelchair, activist)
251 (five, year) (j7, man, death) (vibe, 25) (wheelchair, activist, stopped)
252 (lowri, norkett) (long, delay, southbound) (tard, rachael) (activist, stopped, traffic)
253 (jump, gold) (leeds, man, stole) (cast, coalition) (tiktok, try, enchanting)
254 (mahuchikh, win) (en, un, estadio) (flood, vibe) (instagram, tiktok, try)
255 (yaroslava, mahuchikh) (delay, southbound, j7) (stranded, nsw) (twitter, instagram, tiktok)
256 (isle, man) (que, cumpliran, con) (animal, stranded) (forget, twitter, instagram)
257 (oxford, united) (closure, long, delay) (save, animal) (face, forget, twitter)
258 (quarterfinal, draw) (m6, closure, long) (battle, save) (unacceptable, face, forget)
259 (england, 2022) (member, m6, closure) (roof, battle) (capitalism, unacceptable, face)
260 (ti, yoo) (de, moscu, asegura) (beyond, sydney) (worker, capitalism, unacceptable)
261 (daily, roundup) (2022, raayi, riga) (bridge, empire) (betrayal, worker, capitalism)
262 (5712, scarlet) (moscu, asegura, que) (finally, heard) (po, betrayal, worker)
263 (war, daily) (cumpliran, con, sus) (may, trigger) (view, po, betrayal)
264 (bull, 5712) (tour, six, nation) (cosy, po) (guardian, view, po)
265 (f1, live) (diharapkan, bresil, le) (government, cosy) (report, guardian, view)
266 (city, 00) (al, kremlin, en) (ownership, government) (backlash, report, guardian)
267 (southampton, hasenhuttl) (ovsyannikova, la, periodista) (po, ownership) (prequel, backlash, report)
268 (kayan, jikinta) (la, periodista, rusa) (history, po) (story, prequel, backlash)
269 (li, je) (raayi, riga, wahalar) (spell, end) (hundred, evacuate, ottawa)
270 (pe, ti) (periodista, rusa, que) (controversial, history) (housing, crisis, quarry)
271 (amol, rajan) (rusa, que, desafio) (world, controversial) (texas, wildfire, hundred)
272 (rajan, explains) (man, stole, 98000) (dp, world) (rampant, regional, australia)
273 (explains, ofcoms) (wahalar, fetur, da) (trigger, global) (labor, defence, election)
274 (ofcoms, licence) (tory, member, m6) (owner, strengthen) (defence, election, nears)
275 (england, score) (councillor, accused, attacking) (global, famine) (election, nears, different)
276 (licence, decision) (ser, futuro, do) (famine, priority) (multiple, texas, wildfire)
277 (face, europa) (desafio, al, kremlin) (mp, pngs) (fuel, multiple, texas)
278 (ruushka, oo) (futuro, do, transplantes) (female, mp) (condition, fuel, multiple)
279 (drug, raid) (putin, se, da) (elect, female) (dry, condition, fuel)
280 (formas, de) (do, transplantes, de) (push, elect) (wind, dry, condition)
281 (ay, ku) (ucrania, putin, se) (stunt, push) (creativity, wind, dry)
282 (za, soka) (98000, covid19, que) (publicity, stunt) (affect, creativity, wind)
283 (nina, que) (stole, 98000, covid19) (heard, publicity) (would, affect, creativity)
284 (la, nina) (masa, en, un) (po, owner) (medication, would, affect)
285 (ukraine, saddex) (city, lviv, hyndburn) (strengthen, worker) (worried, medication, would)
286 (world, indoors) (leeds, united, jesse) (different, bridge) (attack, worried, medication)
287 (today, amol) (attacking, tory, member) (traffic, david) (panic, attack, worried)
288 (gempuran, rusia) (accused, attacking, tory) (team, 5) (anxiety, panic, attack)
289 (match, day) (labour, councillor, accused) (5, million) (pyke, anxiety, panic)
290 (headtohead, record) (ukraine, war, russia) (million, cheltenham) (josh, pyke, anxiety)
291 (crecer, su) (hyndburn, labour, councillor) (nears, different) (90, josh, pyke)
292 (met, police) (lviv, hyndburn, labour) (election, nears) (turn, 90, josh)
293 (putin, para) (fetur, da, matsalar) (defence, election) (hanger, turn, 90)
294 (government, review) (western, city, lviv) (coat, hanger) (coat, hanger, turn)
295 (swansea, city) (riga, wahalar, fetur) (regional, australia) (sydney, coat, hanger)
296 (day, raise) (near, western, city) (nude, mixed) (beyond, sydney, coat)
297 (car, crash) (plant, near, western) (crocodile, could) (empire, beyond, sydney)
298 (terjebak, di) (repair, plant, near) (worker, right) (nsw, flood, vibe)
299 (watch, sportscene) (aircraft, repair, plant) (export, may) (regional, australia, snake)
300 (italy, visitor) (destroys, aircraft, repair) (grain, export) (green, party, josh)
301 (2122, italy) (russia, destroys, aircraft) (could, spell) (australia, snake, car)
302 (wale, 2122) (war, russia, destroys) (ukraine, grain) (hard, read, labor)
303 (year, ago) (da, matsalar, wutar) (blockade, ukraine) (read, labor, clear)
304 (people, uk) (que, desafio, al) (russian, blockade) (anniversary, picture, flood)
305 (zealand, v) (scottish, fish, market) (warns, russian) (clear, favourite, south)
306 (news, u200c) (kremlin, en, television) (un, warns) (coalition, stronger, labor)
307 (match, preview) (propaganda, marina, ovsyannikova) (right, un) (cast, coalition, stronger)
308 (2022, ireland) (u, weecista, shidaalka) (nazanin, zaghariratcliffes) (dutton, cast, coalition)
309 (covidrelated, death) (weecista, shidaalka, scuudiga) (lake, pedder) (peter, dutton, cast)
310 (crimea, annexation) (scuudiga, ukraine, conflict) (another, glimpse) (classic, peter, dutton)
311 (birmingham, city) (comment, le, conflit) (hierarchy, health) (australian, classic, peter)
312 (00, birmingham) (ukraine, conflict, put) (like, needed) (became, australian, classic)
313 (two, game) (conflict, put, 20m) (ice, like) (castle, became, australian)
314 (carlos, alcaraz) (put, 20m, scottish) (needed, ice) (year, castle, became)
315 (rafael, nadal) (20m, scottish, fish) (election, needed) (25, year, castle)
316 (kwallo, makomar) (fish, market, jeopardy) (australian, election) (vibe, 25, year)
317 (yan, kwallo) (sababta, uu, muranka) (martin, rowson) (stronger, labor, defence)
318 (kasuwar, yan) (tahay, sababta, uu) (election, local) (flood, vibe, 25)
319 (18, march) (maxey, tahay, sababta) (decider, south) (stranded, nsw, flood)
320 (covid, scotland) (u200c, maxey, tahay) (health, big) (animal, stranded, nsw)
321 (wettest, town) (news, u200c, maxey) (liberal, hierarchy) (labor, clear, favourite)
322 (wale, wettest) (team, news, u200c) (air, meth) (battle, save, animal)
323 (climate, change) (leeds, confirmed, team) (rowson, three) (roof, battle, save)
324 (hypersonic, kinzhal) (v, leeds, confirmed) (suing, liberal) (dog, roof, battle)
325 (putin, russia) (humanitaire, wolf, v) (millionaire, suing) (car, dog, roof)
326 (relief, red) (crise, humanitaire, wolf) (43yearold, millionaire) (snake, car, dog)
327 (coventry, city) (grande, crise, humanitaire) (camenzuli, 43yearold) (bridge, empire, beyond)
328 (7, formas) (autre, grande, crise) (matthew, camenzuli) (different, bridge, empire)
329 (sign, former) (une, autre, grande) (poverty, matthew) (nears, different, bridge)
330 (hypersonic, missile) (aggrave, une, autre) (people, poverty) (still, rampant, regional)
331 (lady, football) (ukrainien, aggrave, une) (big, decider) (morrison, government, dominic)
332 (po, agency) (conflit, ukrainien, aggrave) (needed, air) (government, dominic, perrottets)
333 (covid, pandemic) (le, conflit, ukrainien) (meth, use) (dominic, perrottets, flood)
334 (bromley, 00) (v, east, fife) (issue, muddy) (perrottets, flood, response)
335 (cheltenham, gold) (barrack, clyde, v) (three, theme) (flood, response, pragmatic)
336 (daryll, neita) (porcos, podem, ser) (police, interaction) (response, pragmatic, police)
337 (cup, win) (dhashey, u, weecista) (pragmatic, police) (foil, morrison, government)
338 (e, outras) (uga, dhashey, u) (response, pragmatic) (matthew, camenzuli, 43yearold)
339 (u3000, u200c) (muranka, uga, dhashey) (flood, response) (russiaukraine, war, latest)
340 (allianz, football) (80, hit, van) (perrottets, flood) (health, big, decider)
341 (soka, ulaya) (en, television, montrose) (dominic, perrottets) (decider, south, australian)
342 (tetesi, za) (television, montrose, v) (government, dominic) (big, decider, south)
343 (que, dejo) (montrose, v, cove) (foil, morrison) (needed, air, meth)
344 (live, bahrain) (v, cove, ranger) (water, foil) (hierarchy, health, big)
345 (day, four) (cove, ranger, guerre) (theme, friday) (liberal, hierarchy, health)
346 (missile, ukraine) (ranger, guerre, au) (use, still) (suing, liberal, hierarchy)
347 (week, hamstring) (marina, ovsyannikova, la) (muddy, water) (millionaire, suing, liberal)
348 (played, scottish) (la, propaganda, marina) (politics, paid) (43yearold, millionaire, suing)
349 (da, sauran) (clyde, v, east) (local, issue) (australian, election, needed)
350 (faruwa, najeriya) (cheddleton, dy, rusia) (friday, night) (election, needed, ice)
351 (ke, faruwa) (east, fife, pedestrian) (skyrocketing, cost) (camenzuli, 43yearold, millionaire)
352 (wyn, jones) (fife, pedestrian, 80) (cost, living) (ice, like, needed)
353 (alun, wyn) (pedestrian, 80, hit) (living, pushing) (like, needed, air)
354 (hamstring, injury) (hit, van, cheddleton) (pushing, people) (needed, ice, like)
355 (trent, alexanderarnold) (uu, muranka, uga) (happened, martin) (south, australian, election)
356 (paddy, pimblett) (van, cheddleton, dy) (favourite, south) (water, foil, morrison)
357 (najeriya, da) (dy, rusia, ucrania) (labor, clear) (poverty, matthew, camenzuli)
358 (scottish, cup) (por, la, propaganda) (zaghariratcliffes, reunion) (muddy, water, foil)
359 (deadline, six) (rusia, ucrania, los) (rethink, queenslanders) (frontier, history, australia)
360 (france, beat) (ucrania, los, rusos) (bridge, 90th) (use, still, rampant)
361 (cove, ranger) (los, rusos, estan) (global, pandemic) (save, animal, stranded)
362 (jamaal, cismaan) (rusos, estan, zombificados) (90th, anniversary) (air, meth, use)
363 (za, ta) (estan, zombificados, por) (night, cartoon) (people, poverty, matthew)
364 (sauran, sassan) (zombificados, por, la) (read, labor) (pushing, people, poverty)
365 (sassan, duniya) (guerre, au, yemen) (hard, read) (meth, use, still)
366 (england, west) (au, yemen, comment) (future, hard) (living, pushing, people)
367 (dai, jones) (yemen, comment, le) (build, future) (cost, living, pushing)
368 (marcell, jacob) (shidaalka, scuudiga, ukraine) (queenslanders, build) (skyrocketing, cost, living)
369 (leeds, united) (podem, ser, futuro) (time, rethink) (australia, skyrocketing, cost)
370 (di, ukraina) (albion, v, annan) (paid, sick) (history, australia, skyrocketing)
371 (perang, di) (se, da, un) (cartoon, rachael) (violent, frontier, history)
372 (heavyweight, tom) (asegura, que, cumpliran) (say, time) (issue, muddy, water)
373 (war, zelensky) (wutar, lantarki, najeriya) (worsen, say) (australia, violent, frontier)
374 (josh, adam) (lantarki, najeriya, sacdiya) (flood, worsen) (scarred, australia, violent)
375 (wale, josh) (lido, get, spring) (menonly, parliament) (people, scarred, australia)
376 (60m, title) (deco, lido, get) (blackmore, celebrates) (aboriginal, people, scarred)
377 (doorashada, soomaaliya) (tottenham, hotspur, v) (picture, flood) (interaction, aboriginal, people)
378 (thomas, tuchel) (najeriya, sacdiya, salaad) (celebrates, historic) (police, interaction, aboriginal)
379 (douglas, ross) (art, deco, lido) (anniversary, picture) (pragmatic, police, interaction)
380 (guerra, de) (tinside, art, deco) (tale, booming) (favourite, south, australia)
381 (referee, played) (athletic, ukraine, fear) (sick, leave) (australia, election, local)
382 (meet, referee) (ukraine, fear, donetsk) (clear, favourite) (election, local, issue)
383 (united, 11) (refugee, england, 2022) (booming, revolution) (local, issue, muddy)
384 (reach, semifinal) (forfar, athletic, ukraine) (firework, global) (first, green, party)
385 (indege, ya) (v, forfar, athletic) (storm, firework) (party, josh, frydenberg)
386 (four, clear) (penting, matimatian, di) (dust, storm) (picture, time, sydney)
387 (opera, house) (leicester, rodgers, give) (economy, dust) (handmade, tale, booming)
388 (ukraina, rossiya) (plane, de, invasion) (regional, economy) (build, future, hard)
389 (nation, ireland) (sus, plane, de) (australia, regional) (queenslanders, build, future)
390 (ukraine, crisis) (ginting, tantang, axelsen) (reward, australia) (rethink, queenslanders, build)
391 (liverpool, klopp) (tantang, axelsen, menang) (reaping, reward) (time, rethink, queenslanders)
392 (shugabar, tanzania) (sociaux, leicester, rodgers) (revolution, reaping) (say, time, rethink)
393 (pick, stats) (matimatian, di, lapangan) (pandemic, sydney) (worsen, say, time)
394 (max, verstappen) (medias, sociaux, leicester) (leave, different) (flood, worsen, say)
395 (beat, india) (de, medias, sociaux) (historic, gold) (picture, flood, worsen)
396 (newspaper, headline) (celebrite, de, medias) (handmade, tale) (wildfire, hundred, evacuate)
397 (warrington, wolf) (une, celebrite, de) (opening, handmade) (90th, anniversary, picture)
398 (wakefield, trinity) (devenu, une, celebrite) (cup, win) (bridge, 90th, anniversary)
399 (2022, highlight) (fossoyeur, devenu, une) (time, sydney) (opening, handmade, tale)
400 (watch, wale) (le, fossoyeur, devenu) (picture, time) (harbour, bridge, 90th)
401 (transfer, rumour) (bresil, le, fossoyeur) (levy, picture) (global, pandemic, sydney)
402 (italy, plus) (impressed, determination, side) (developer, levy) (firework, global, pandemic)
403 (polish, opera) (matsalar, wutar, lantarki) (different, developer) (storm, firework, global)
404 (shelter, polish) (annan, athletic, xenotransplantes) (interaction, aboriginal) (dust, storm, firework)
405 (vya, ukraine) (side, campaigner, march) (people, scarred) (economy, dust, storm)
406 (vita, vya) (v, annan, athletic) (scarred, australia) (regional, economy, dust)
407 (cup, australia) (america, learning, art) (save, tasmania) (australia, regional, economy)
408 (putin, party) (lapangan, tottenham, hotspur) (homeless, line) (reward, australia, regional)
409 (ya, gisirikare) (ukraine, america, learning) (rang, homeless) (reaping, reward, australia)
410 (ukraine, ni) (sacdiya, salaad, ayaa) (nail, rang) (revolution, reaping, reward)
411 (derry, city) (learning, art, humility) (test, nail) (booming, revolution, reaping)
412 (united, gunner) (war, ukraine, america) (100, test) (tale, booming, revolution)
413 (coventry, united) (nomor, sekian, yang) (crisis, quarry) (future, hard, read)
414 (40, coventry) (determination, side, campaigner) (worker, victorian) (bridge, opening, handmade)
415 (arsenal, 40) (escalates, war, ukraine) (death, aftermath) (josh, frydenberg, open)
416 (beat, england) (war, escalates, war) (kimberley, kitchings) (test, nail, rang)
417 (de, los) (donetsk, eightyear, war) (fight, save) (levy, picture, time)
418 (los, rusos) (fear, donetsk, eightyear) (cup, photo) (developer, levy, picture)
419 (zelensky, tell) (campaigner, march, glasgow) (far, fight) (different, developer, levy)
420 (ukrajina, rusija) (get, spring, clean) (people, far) (leave, different, developer)
421 (call, clarity) (march, glasgow, welcome) (agony, people) (sick, leave, different)
422 (red, card) (glasgow, welcome, refugee) (fast, agony) (paid, sick, leave)
423 (olori, tuntun) (stirling, albion, v) (draw, chelsea) (politics, paid, sick)
424 (oluwo, lonii) (eightyear, war, escalates) (chelsea, sale) (victorian, politics, paid)
425 (beat, scotland) (plymouth, tinside, art) (fading, fast) (worker, victorian, politics)
426 (afro, durante) (art, humility, plymouth) (afghanistan, fading) (migrant, worker, victorian)
427 (pelo, afro) (humility, plymouth, tinside) (spotlight, afghanistan) (forgotten, migrant, worker)
428 (tim, hieu) (dream, cheltenham, gold) (line, queensland) (time, sydney, harbour)
429 (street, fighting) (savour, dream, cheltenham) (flood, compounded) (bridge, forgotten, migrant)
430 (st, mirren) (blackmore, savour, dream) (australia, violent) (story, sydney, harbour)
431 (police, investigation) (rachael, blackmore, savour) (reach, central) (scottie, story, sydney)
432 (ya, roman) (clean, rachael, blackmore) (reunion, daughter) (quarry, scottie, story)
433 (ireland, beat) (spring, clean, rachael) (recipe, georgia) (crisis, quarry, scottie)
434 (festival, 2022) (con, sus, plane) (georgia, mcdermott) (compounded, housing, crisis)
435 (ke, ukraina) (salaad, ayaa, ku) (mcdermott, took) (flood, compounded, housing)
436 (invasi, rusia) (england, big, picture) (took, 100) (queensland, flood, compounded)
437 (united, home) (yang, penting, matimatian) (tard, fighting) (line, queensland, flood)
438 (late, goal) (outras, 3, questoeschave) (migrant, worker) (homeless, line, queensland)
439 (ukrainian, colour) (ham, united, england) (bridge, forgotten) (rang, homeless, line)
440 (cosmonaut, board) (hotspur, v, west) (fighting, reach) (nail, rang, homeless)
441 (officer, cleared) (orgaos, cowdenbeath, v) (central, mariupol) (harbour, bridge, forgotten)
442 (durante, 6) (cowdenbeath, v, stenhousemuir) (compounded, housing) (pandemic, sydney, harbour)
443 (6, ano) (v, stenhousemuir, wolf) (story, sydney) (100, test, nail)
444 (ano, para) (e, outras, 3) (mariupol, shelling) (took, 100, test)
445 (para, donarlo) (deltacron, e, outras) (shelling, hinders) (mcdermott, took, 100)
446 (magance, su) (e, deltacron, e) (scottie, story) (led, world, first)
447 (za, magance) (que, e, deltacron) (quarry, scottie) (world, first, green)
448 (yadda, za) (covid19, que, e) (aftermath, another) (georgia, mcdermott, took)
449 (da, yadda) (athletic, xenotransplantes, como) (rescue, attempt) (recipe, georgia, mcdermott)
450 (aure, da) (de, masa, en) (housing, crisis) (croissant, recipe, georgia)
451 (mutuwar, aure) (march, 2022, raayi) (attempt, woman) (intolerancefriendly, croissant, recipe)
452 (jawo, mutuwar) (em, 2022, rusia) (medium, spotlight) (politics, intolerancefriendly, croissant)
453 (ke, jawo) (2022, rusia, ucrania) (vigil, medium) (australian, politics, intolerancefriendly)
454 (talking, point) (united, england, big) (everard, vigil) (brutality, australian, politics)
455 (ross, county) (da, un, bano) (first, green) (routine, brutality, australian)
456 (strike, late) (picture, 14, march) (arteta, fixture) (glimpse, routine, brutality)
457 (covid, booster) (14, march, 20) (open, intervening) (another, glimpse, routine)
458 (goal, give) (big, picture, 14) (frydenberg, open) (aftermath, another, glimpse)
459 (could, meet) (march, 20, march) (josh, frydenberg) (death, aftermath, another)
460 (ukraine, conflict) (kalah, nomor, sekian) (party, josh) (kitchings, death, aftermath)
461 (que, armas) (bano, de, masa) (fixture, complaint) (kimberley, kitchings, death)
462 (se, da) (un, bano, de) (complaint, champion) (premium, kimberley, kitchings)
463 (win, champion) (menang, kalah, nomor) (league, europa) (push, premium, kimberley)
464 (rubble, shelling) (xenotransplantes, como, porcos) (green, party) (change, push, premium)
465 (kharkiv, rubble) (como, porcos, podem) (world, first) (climate, change, push)
466 (man, rescued) (rusia, ucrania, putin) (sarah, everard) (market, climate, change)
467 (war, man) (20, march, 2022) (led, world) (insurance, market, climate)
468 (elgin, city) (de, orgaos, cowdenbeath) (intervening, insurance) (intervening, insurance, market)
469 (kelty, heart) (3, questoeschave, sobre) (victorian, politics) (open, intervening, insurance)
470 (chwe, gwlad) (strange, news, oddest) (forgotten, migrant) (frydenberg, open, intervening)
471 (city, centre) (de, invasion, stirling) (win, plus) (pedder, led, world)
472 (stats, selector) (di, lapangan, tottenham) (australia, skyrocketing) (sarah, everard, vigil)
473 (rescued, kharkiv) (oddest, story, week) (history, australia) (cheaper, dozen, review)
474 (news, stats) (rover, v, forfar) (frontier, history) (vigil, medium, spotlight)
475 (lamont, marcell) (albion, rover, v) (violent, frontier) (tasmania, lake, pedder)
476 (jacob, win) (week, albion, rover) (kitchings, death) (save, tasmania, lake)
477 (ucrania, el) (story, week, albion) (hit, arteta) (fight, save, tasmania)
478 (23, hartlepool) (welcome, refugee, england) (conte, hit) (far, fight, save)
479 (fi, gba) (jesse, marsch, impressed) (unfair, conte) (people, far, fight)
480 (man, charged) (england, 2022, ginting) (handling, sarah) (agony, people, far)
481 (carrick, denied) (axelsen, menang, kalah) (sale, news) (fast, agony, people)
482 (cup, quarterfinal) (news, oddest, story) (news, happened) (fading, fast, agony)
483 (denied, nineman) (2022, ginting, tantang) (ruling, handling) (afghanistan, fading, fast)
484 (town, v) (game, strange, news) (appeal, ruling) (spotlight, afghanistan, fading)
485 (ham, united) (questoeschave, sobre, pandemia) (met, appeal) (medium, spotlight, afghanistan)
486 (bayern, munich) (brentford, game, strange) (comedy, met) (lake, pedder, led)
487 (en, los) (update, brentford, game) (family, comedy) (dozen, review, breezy)
488 (ukraynay, isgali) (injury, update, brentford) (tasmania, lake) (everard, vigil, medium)
489 (rusyann, ukraynay) (invasion, stirling, albion) (league, draw) (handling, sarah, everard)
490 (ukraynann, isgali) (give, injury, update) (pedder, led) (ruling, handling, sarah)
491 (form, show) (rodgers, give, injury) (premium, kimberley) (appeal, ruling, handling)
492 (first, round) (marsch, impressed, determination) (push, premium) (met, appeal, ruling)
493 (commonwealth, game) (united, jesse, marsch) (change, push) (comedy, met, appeal)
494 (london, heavyweight) (cup, win, ukraine) (climate, change) (family, comedy, met)
495 (cardiff, devil) (win, ukraine, war) (market, climate) (remake, family, comedy)
496 (muri, ukraine) (pandemia, em, 2022) (insurance, market) (disney, remake, family)
497 (sign, language) (sobre, pandemia, em) (daughter, speak) (breezy, disney, remake)
498 (british, sign) (transplantes, de, orgaos) (speak, unfair) (review, breezy, disney)
499 (arena, belgrade) (jeopardy, man, city) (would, affect) (grownup, saudi, execution)